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It's Beaver Ass
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BigBlue VA
BigBlue VA Pirms Stundas
This is an assault on the ears....Imma watch it again.
Jameson Reno
Jameson Reno Pirms 2 Stundām
The answer to what’s the underwater analog of “sleeping with the fishes” is “sleeping with the seagulls.”
24moneybd Pirms 2 Stundām
Spike Sparkle
Spike Sparkle Pirms 3 Stundām
Regarding ramming - maybe making it something like 2 consecutive successful position rolls would work well instead of the independent 8 + pilot speed thing. That way it ties into both ships' propulsion systems - one to line up the ram, one to maintain course/give the ram-ee a chance to evade. A ramming ship would want to spec into good propulsion and would have a relatively easy time hitting slow ships, but would have a difficult time hitting faster ships of any size. But a good pilot with a good speed modifier would still be able to find and keep that angle. Minor damage a ramming ship's propulsion and it'll have a tougher time succeeding (though a good pilot could make it work); major damage a ramming ship's propulsion and (assuming a ram specialization takes sufficient engine points) it's basically defenseless. From there I think making the ram-ee take hull damage while the rammer takes a % of that damage would work, and would incentivize your players to think about how they want to specialize their ship... maybe make the damage a factor of engine size? Heavier hull plating capable of ramming without critically damaging itself could have a speed penalty for example, while a ship with the same propulsion spec'd into weapons would be a bit harder to ram. Tanky ships that want heavy hull AND weapons would be slower, easier to hit, harder to turn, but beefier. Larger ships, assuming they get larger engines, would have an easier time ramming smaller ships and do proportionally more damage. Smaller ships COULD still ram larger ships of similar speed but it would have extremely limited sensical application. Maybe a critical failure on the second roll would be equal damage to both, but a critical hit would reduce the % recoil damage taken by the rammer ship.
KappaRoss Pirms 5 Stundām
Brennan is a blessing
LimitNZ Pirms 6 Stundām
"Everything you're doing is making it look more like Stephen Fry" 😂 😂 😂
Alex Dennis
Alex Dennis Pirms 6 Stundām
Is Brennan the honorary 5th brother?
shockofthenew Pirms 6 Stundām
The little quiver of suppressed laughter in Griff's pivotal line... chef's kiss
Kevin Pirms 7 Stundām
They tapped Keith Baker for Dadlands?! Geez!
Nathan Hamilton
Nathan Hamilton Pirms 9 Stundām
Can anybody point me towards the "resource die system" that Brennan talks about at 1:09? I can't seem to find it anywhere
Darth Boxman
Darth Boxman Pirms 9 Stundām
Griffin did you not know what a RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLE is?
Brandon Carbaugh
Brandon Carbaugh Pirms 10 Stundām
This system reminds me a lot of Edge of the Empire. I think the show will benefit from it a lot. It's incredibly generous to a campaign to give the players a ship that can serve a thousand different functions. A ship is a mobile base; it's a shared living space; it's a powerful-but-brittle weapon in combat; it's your de facto "party HP" because you all die if it explodes; it's an arena when enemies board you; it's backdrop for scenes that take place in transit; it's a shared customization point for the party to kit out and repair and paint cool flames on over time; it's a homework project to repair during town visits; it's an abstracted cargo space PCs can ass-pull items from with reasonable limitations; it's a convient hang-out spot NPC's can stay behind in while the heroes are off doing hero stuff; and of course, it's just a big-ass vehicle that can do big-ass vehicle stuf, like knocking down the sealed doors of an ancient temple ruin. Ships are good. More systems should have ships.
Taylor Pirms 10 Stundām
I love brennan and also griffin
Sofia Carlo
Sofia Carlo Pirms 11 Stundām
...el muchacho de los ojos tristes....
Circus_of_japes Pirms 11 Stundām
can people in the comments touch some grass or go back to twitter
Jacob Wyman
Jacob Wyman Pirms 13 Stundām
Clint saying "friend" as Thacker because he's not used to the new character yet :(
GrindStone Pirms 14 Stundām
Olivia W-K
Olivia W-K Pirms 15 Stundām
“Nautical story telling”
mlq1718 Pirms 15 Stundām
Who is Griffin Mulligan
sundrythis Pirms 15 Stundām
god bless brennan lee mulligan 💖✊🏼
J 3
J 3 Pirms 16 Stundām
You could consider a unique currency for ships like "scrap" for upgrades. If you want to keep it separate from player personal costs.
J 3
J 3 Pirms 16 Stundām
If the PCs are races of underwater and seafaring people, it might be likely that their education and upbringing has taught them a lot about how to fix and pilot a ship. So they could all be on similar grounds when it comes to specializing. If they show an interest in a specific task maybe they can get an item at some point that gives them a +1 bonus to signify their growth. "Dad's lucky wrench: +1 to engine repair."
Caleb VanderWal
Caleb VanderWal Pirms 17 Stundām
“You’re gunna be walking with the marmots…”
David DeGrarmo
David DeGrarmo Pirms 17 Stundām
This was great...however the BEST max fun drive video would have been dropping that sweet sweet new monster factory video
Nobody McGee
Nobody McGee Pirms 19 Stundām
so i've havent started the new season of taz yet and the introduction of this video made me realize that the name of the new campaign is not, in fact, earth sea lol
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms 23 Stundām
Maybe a player takes shipwright training for increased repair chances
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms 23 Stundām
Ramming could work with reinforced hull upgrade, or, used for boarding. Greeks did that shit on purpouse.
Keenan Pirms 23 Stundām
These two together explodes my brain
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms 23 Stundām
Fishing boat, Skiff, battle ship, galleon, tanker. 4 seater, 10 seats, 30 seats, 60 seats, 100 seats, might be a good way to be.
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms 23 Stundām
For buying resources for your ship, condider a company allowance. Your ship company basically allowes you X amount of currency to buy readiness, could be ( food, ammo, extra crew) basically a company credit card for resources on a per mission basis. The missions you take have a resource allowance on them, like mission A is to resupply a ship already at sea like a wellerman, so you have a large 10 allowance, but half of that is for the ship you give it to, and mission B is a cargo mission, so you have 4 allowance and 2 allowance for the return trip. That sort of thing
Jon Pirms 23 Stundām
A possibility for the ramming mechanic: you could set up attack rolls in fixed zones that define the level of success, i.e. 20 the attacker is unscathed, 15-19 the attacker takes half damage, 10-14 the attacker takes equal damage, <10 the attacker takes 1.5x damage. That way there is a risk involved in using the gambit, but given the correct size matchup or a desperate enough situation it's worth a shot.
Jake Tucker
Jake Tucker Pirms dienas
I desperately need to see sweet gene do the shinsuke nakamura intro
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms dienas
Consider playing darkest dungeon for 20 hours to test how much supplies v.s. crew should cost per run. Darkest dungeon is a great economy simulator, where a lot of new players think its good to hire a team, grab as much treasure as you can, abandon the quest and keep the loot, then fire the team, is a good strategy. but in reality, making the team into a successfull party and actually passing quests grants waaay more wealth than this pop n drop loadout idea. Particularly when you consider the pre mission supplies. Like the narrator says, "supplies, paid for now in gold, and later, in blood"
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms dienas
One way to make money SUPER effective, is to make losing HP actually hurt. Your hp now recovers at a rate of 1 d6 per week, and doctors are expensive and only avalible on land or very expensive to temporaroly hire for one voyage. Another way to make money expensive, pay your crew. Manning a ship takes anywhere from nine to 100 people depending on the size, and those people expect to be paid at the end of the voyage.
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms dienas
Try Pirates101 online mmo also for character class ideas
Danika Scevers
Danika Scevers Pirms dienas
This is so funny because on the one hand, satire is excellent. On the other, my ace sex-repulsed self is like...hmm good tips actually 🤣
Dallon Taylor
Dallon Taylor Pirms dienas
it’s so funny seeing brennan go to open the show and then realize he’s the guest
Raine Velde
Raine Velde Pirms dienas
Hearing Brennan say that specing into the improv DM style was a big thing for him is super validating. I've never been great at the massive prep and always felt like a shitty DM cause of it. Goddamn Brennan you are a gem to DM's around the world.
Nate Watkins
Nate Watkins Pirms dienas
A cool element for the system destroying weapons could be considering them like a dragon’s breath weapon. Represent reloading them on an insane ship through the dice rather than a set number of turns.
noah m
noah m Pirms dienas
7:10 timothee chalamet
Bubi Pirms dienas
God... My two favorite DMs... Together...
PrimeSubToMe Pirms dienas
I really enjoy game design so this isn't so much suggestions for Griffin as it is I enjoy thinking about systems and if I was personally running this system with friends (which like Brennan said changes the design standards). For ramming yeah an attachment that allows you to deal more damage to them than you seems good. Something like a spike on front of the ship that doesn't do very much dice damage but can puncture the hull and cause the hull to go up a tier of being damaged. Also ramming should probably require you to be in position and effect positioning since you have to get right up on em. Either it takes both ships out of position for the round or it puts both ships into a 'close combat' state where certain weapons are not usable (Ex. Any kind of explosive because shooting a missile at something you're touching is a bad idea) and maybe certain weapons are more effective while the ship that did the ramming stays in position. For critical hits another system that would require more work but would give the players more control over their tactics would be to give different weapons different critical effects. Examples A Harpoon that deals low dice damage but has an increased crit range of 19-20 and causes minor damage to the Hull on a crit. A Fireball Cannon that causes the targets sensors to overheat and be damaged on a crit. A Chain Shot that on a crit gets tangled up in the target ships propulsion systems and damages them. A Lightning Bolt that on a crit overloads the engines damaging them and then a very minor wording thing Reload sounds like an active thing but if it happens automatically calling it Recharge might make more sense and then to avoid confusion Charge would become Prime. This system looks incredibly cool and flexible to whatever the DM wants and I think this is the most excited I've been for a season of TAZ since Balance because of it and because Griffin says he wants there to be significant stakes to the point of total failure being a real possibility.
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms dienas
If preperation is armor and improv is agility, it's still a light armor class, so remember, just add a touch of armor, the random lists. keep a list of random names behind your dm screen for random npc's, keep a list of five random encounters (goblins, broken wagon, traveling merchant, wolves, trap), keep a list of random small loot, and a list of 3 short encounters that can turn into hour long session quests (stolen treasure, kill monster, revenge) remember the easiest way to get players into a quest is to fuck them up just a little bit to make them blood thirsty. As an example, lets say the characters derail by talking to ramdom npc when you try to push an investigation quest on them, (improv npc name) says theyre sad cause there have been thieves in the streets, characters say that sucks, then leaves cause they arent interested, (make a perception check) PASS CHECK (you let them pass the check) someone is picking gold from you, characters go to stop him, he shoves a dagger in their neck and runs, and now theyre chasing the thief, they get to an alley and the thief is dead and gold is gone, town guard comes in to investigate and they find the party and a dead man, and apprehend, and then the party has to find the real thief or be executed, and BOOM the party now wants to run the investigation quest you had set up at the tavern.
RubyBlood DemonKing
RubyBlood DemonKing Pirms 9 Stundām
@Alfa Polaris gotta be level 20 gm first
Alfa Polaris
Alfa Polaris Pirms 10 Stundām
Improv is a light armor class - unless, of course, you are one of those mythical Monk GMs who know *so much* about the rules and have *so much* knowledge about the world that they can run *anything* without prep or significant pauses to look things up. Probably not a realistic goal. :b
Harley Bullock
Harley Bullock Pirms dienas
Bonjamin Franklin
Bonjamin Franklin Pirms dienas
i really love a crunchy mcelroy campaign! from a storytelling perspective, i think dice rolls give you super interesting material to yes and - in a way that creates stakes but also just!! gives plenty of opportunity for goofs. i loved monster of the week but there's just no rolling a 1 on hopping over a fence yk. i can't wait for this season!!
Majin Pirms dienas
Maybe ramming could work by Sacrificing an amount of hull (let’s say 10) to do a d10 of damage to the enemy You sacrifice 10 hull to do 1d10, 20 to do 2d10, 30 to do 3d10, and so on This makes it so that a larger ship (with a larger pool of hull points) is risking less when ramming, but is still sacrificing something- and making ramming a risky strategy for smaller ships to do big damage
Adam White
Adam White Pirms dienas
Gimme dem rules.
Casey Rau
Casey Rau Pirms dienas
I wonder if Griffin has played Tharsis.
Neto Morgan
Neto Morgan Pirms dienas
“If your ship ever gets to major damage, you have disadvantage on the roll.” Depending the characters’ means to conduct repairs, I’d even consider having an equivalent to MOTW’s “unstable” effect: complete repair would require some kind of outside help or specific resource, and ignoring it could lead to additional damage and failures
Christian Killgore
Christian Killgore Pirms dienas
On the topic of economy and resource dice, maybe buying resource dice is something you could play around with. So like for upgrades, crewmen, and things like repair kits you would want to buy those separately. But for basic supplies, you could use resource dice. So you would pay money for "supplies", and then if you needed something specific that might fall into that category you would roll to see if you have it. The more money you spend stocking up, the higher the number could be on the dice. I don't know if multiple dice is something you would want, or if that gets to complicated. For instance, if you had two resource dice that were both d10s, and you rolled one successfully making it now be a d10 and a d8, you would want to roll the d10 first. If you were really well stocked though, that's potentially 10 items that the players could conjure up out of their "basic supplies". If we were using basic DND gold as a template, I think 20gp would translate to one d2 (also known as a coin). So if you spent 20 gp on "supplies" whether or not you had rope would be a coin toss. 40 would be 1d4. 100 would be 1d10. 200 would be 2d10. This certainly wouldn't cover everything you would want to buy for a journey, but if spending gold this way also increased your readiness, it now has two gameplay implications, so there's more reason to spend your gold. If the players are being charged for food, paying the crew, perhaps paying off their ship, buying Intel, and spending money in this manner on "supplies", they would have a lot to use their money on. I think food, crew, Intel, and supplies should all increase their readiness score. Perhaps even what state their ship is in. Maybe a big upgrade comes with a readiness bonus attached to it. They would also have plenty to save up for. Beyond just ship upgrades, you have your traditional DnD incentives as well. Armor, weapons, magic items, and potions would all be on the table. Having to balance all that would make the preparation stage of the game much more meaningful. I would worry that they might get to a point where they are permabroke, and can't successfully complete a mission due to low funds, but you did say you want failure to be on the table. Also, you could introduce a shady character who would loan them money, but who you really don't want to be in debt to. The only downside I could see to managing supplies in this way is that you players could roll a lot of 1s, and not be able to use any supplies even if they did stock up. Narratively though, you could just say that the supplies they did buy had already been used by the crew.
BoojumFed Pirms dienas
I like the separation between the characters themselves and the ship-based actions. Very reminiscent of the crook-crew dynamic in _Blades in the Dark_ , allowing individual characters to do their own things while still letting them come and go from the overarching crew without breaking/ disbanding said crew...
Collin Smith
Collin Smith Pirms dienas
Super interesting to hear how their own unique DM styles compare, and how all that knowledge halts with the screaming of a cat
Mason Shucart
Mason Shucart Pirms dienas
I still remember going to see Dadlands live before I even knew who Brennan was. Now I've binged everything he's ever done and every episode of TAZ and even Naddpod. I still have those tickets to the Balboa theater up on my wall. <3
Ty6260 Pirms 5 Stundām
@Alex Dennis It's excellent! Hoping Brennan and Molly finish it one day. It got me into Molly's other stuff and then her wife Noelle's (who directed an amazing cartoon recently). The beans don't stop coming!
Alex Dennis
Alex Dennis Pirms 5 Stundām
Have you read Strong Female Protagonist?
Ty6260 Pirms 6 Stundām
His brain is so good. There's some real good beans in that brain.
Ryan Stray
Ryan Stray Pirms dienas
Dadlands was my intro as well!
Life With Kai
Life With Kai Pirms dienas
Brennan Lee Mulligan AND Griffin McElroy? Who's next, Brian David Gilbert?
Alexander Aust
Alexander Aust Pirms dienas
Don't do that to me. Don't give me hope.
Freya Buss
Freya Buss Pirms dienas
@Mason Shucart the WHAT
Mason Shucart
Mason Shucart Pirms dienas
If you haven't seen the Dimension 20 live show with BDG I highly recommend it.
Smart Guy
Smart Guy Pirms dienas
I would really recommend Griffin look at the 3rd party D&D book Dark Matter. It has a set of rules for space ship combat and I feel like a lot of the concepts could be applied to the things that Griffin discusses in this video.
Nolan Childerhose
Nolan Childerhose Pirms dienas
My top two DMs! Love to listen to these guys talk shop.
Austin Hibdon
Austin Hibdon Pirms dienas
Stream starts 4:05
Jake Pirms dienas
Just use some flex seal it'll be fine
barkin minez
barkin minez Pirms dienas
The hissing lung rahilly afford because zinc specially file towards a uninterested blade. berserk, furry furtive sarah
Andrew Bearden
Andrew Bearden Pirms dienas
Brennan wanted to go HELLOOOOOOOOOO
GippyHappy Pirms dienas
The first time I watched this video I was sitting in a hot car waiting outside the dentists for my appointment to get a tooth ripped out of my face while my grandma took a nap beside me and watching it again was understandably a very different experience.
Dammit Bobbeh
Dammit Bobbeh Pirms dienas
I love Bobby, thats how you host a tour! haha
James Eames
James Eames Pirms dienas
It's wild how much of the media I consume is because of the McElroys, I learned about Brennan from the Dadlands, which lead to me listening to Dimension 20 and then to watching college humour, I only watched Hamilton because the boys are friends with Lin, most of the artists I follow are because they've made taz art...
Alex Dennis
Alex Dennis Pirms 5 Stundām
90% of the media I consume is McElroy based. the other 10 is cartoons.
Craig Sokol
Craig Sokol Pirms 10 Stundām
Griffin *was* a 30 under 30 media luminary.
Armani Becerra
Armani Becerra Pirms dienas
It all circles back to McElroy
GippyHappy Pirms dienas
I really do love Pismokio
Bryan Holt
Bryan Holt Pirms dienas
14:27 Griffin opens up his shipsheet 16:18 CATSIGN 1:02:05 EXCALIBUR
Vi Pirms dienas
Brennan's cat reminds me of my cat, with the yelling to sit down and whatnot 😭😭 very cute but also... rip
Brandon Faddis
Brandon Faddis Pirms dienas
Brennan Lee Mulligan: Warmer than the couch
Locxas Pirms 10 Stundām
Griffin is always saying that about him
Emily! Pirms dienas
can’t believe i missed this by 14 minutes
Foster Gilliam
Foster Gilliam Pirms dienas
Tiny Heist is legit my favorite McElroy property. Just watched it earlier this year and I’m still subscribed to dropout 😂 Brennan is a master!!!
hoardlydad Pirms dienas
That's exactly how CH got me, and I couldn't be happier. I love the Mc Elboys, and I subbed to Dropout immediately and haven't looked back since. I'll continue to support Dropout as long as I can. At this point, I've watched everything on there. I tore through every campaign and have decided Brennan is just the best person. Have a good one!
KaoruDragneel Pirms dienas
Seeing griffin brings me so much happy
downgoesigby Pirms 12 Stundām
People love babies.
BumbusBumbi Pirms dienas
4:06 for the lazy
Kazy Pirms dienas
Starts at 4:07
Tessah R.
Tessah R. Pirms dienas
So freaking excited makes me want to write something as good as they do
Maverick Merc
Maverick Merc Pirms dienas
This trailer is gonna get better and better each week as we recognize world-details that they invent every episode. What a ride!
Twilly Spree
Twilly Spree Pirms dienas
You need a mic stand
Ariean W
Ariean W Pirms dienas
So weird seeing my last name become so popular! So many years of "no not Mick Elroy, MACelroy"
Unregistered 66
Unregistered 66 Pirms dienas
I bought a used Xbox original s controller and it had dead bugs in it.
Peter Steiner
Peter Steiner Pirms dienas
My wife and I met in Québec and are both fluent French speakers, French words creep into our vocabulary on the reg. Basically what I'm saying is that in our household "regulier" happens a lot