The Best of Shaq Laughing on TNT
Outside the Bubble | The Arena
volvoplz Pirms 23 Stundām
Why do you need 8 big screen TVs?
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez Pirms 23 Stundām
Backcourt- Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant Frontcourt- LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis
bjern757 Pirms dienas
Neil D'Cruz
Neil D'Cruz Pirms dienas
Shaq the troller!
Garcia Pedro
Garcia Pedro Pirms dienas
Kenny is kinda dumb
Garrett Vinson
Garrett Vinson Pirms dienas
Then lebitch got his feelings hurt when Shaq called Mitchell out. Hilarious
Abuadam0723 Pirms dienas
ernie at the end 😂😂
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias Pirms dienas
Worst. President. Ever. Goodbye!
JoJo Freelancer
JoJo Freelancer Pirms dienas
I'm starting to enjoy looking to see what this team does every game n I really like Mitchell game
Accountability & Responsibility
Accountability & Responsibility Pirms dienas
Ernie was annoying in this segment, the center position died in 2015 and it wasn’t nothing to write home about during 2010-15, you can’t put a center or true power forward in the all decade team
Vladan Mirkovic
Vladan Mirkovic Pirms dienas
Brooklyn gone won nba this year 100%
Eddie Bitar
Eddie Bitar Pirms dienas
Why get sensitive. Shaq wants these players to get better and motivate them. Kobe was told he could never fill MJs shoes and he became one of the greatest ever. The new generation are sensitive
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan Pirms dienas
Shaq thinks he's one of the greatest but without him being over 7 feet, he would be nothing more than average. Can't shoot, doesn't have handles, not a great passer. Imagine if he was only 6 feet tall like Mitchell and couldn't shoot, handle or pass. Only shot 0.045% from 3 in his career and 58% from the free throw line.
Mars Total Chaos
Mars Total Chaos Pirms dienas
Donovan should've said: "You're the guy who got ran out of LA 'cause you were way out of shape. You won rings 'cause of Kobe and D Wade. Sure, you helped but who do I got here? Rudy, an old Mike Conley and a bunch of decent players. Now you're saying you wanna show abs this year? Should've done that 20 years ago when Kobe told you the truth.
TeamUs Pirms dienas
Do I think there is a time and place for that yes, but I completely understand what Shaq was saying. Mitchell is a great player, but no he doesn’t have what it takes to take his team to the next level. Just like Greek the freak. Shaq clearly praised him before the statement and afterwards. It’s only to push players. Yes he can hurt feelings in the process but how will the players respond. Looks at all these players with these big contracts and their teams are not going further into the playoffs. The league won’t be normal until Lebron leaves and there are on two stars per team. Oh yea and the three point shooting isn’t the main focus of the game.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pirms dienas
1:21 thats some 2k stuff right there
PengWin Pirms dienas
Here's my theory... the guy he got the bracelet from is none other than Ernie Johnson. my reasons: 1) When kenny pesters him about it Ernie goes "Hey Kenny, quit asking questions..." 2) in the Jussie Smollet rant- when Ernie is pointing at the board, you can clearly see Ernie has multiple bracelets on, in the same style as Barkley's bracelet- EJ is clearly a bracelets sort of guy. I believe EJ and Chuck were in a steam room and EJ had his bracelets on and chuck liked them so Ernie, being the nice guy that he is, gave one to him.
Christopher Pirms dienas
Hilarious when old guys don’t include any of the younger players lol
Mars Total Chaos
Mars Total Chaos Pirms dienas
You pass the ball 'cause it's the right play, not because you're gonna get an assist. As a guard, you grab the long rebounds and that goes with the flow of the game. Let the man be. I'd rather have him increase his FG% than anything else.
Levi B
Levi B Pirms dienas
Who else heard dynamite
MrMustachMan Pirms dienas
"I could have been a veterinarian" this man is a national treasure
Danny Luxray
Danny Luxray Pirms dienas
These guys are always funny af 🤣🤣🤣
Ivan Reyes
Ivan Reyes Pirms dienas
Great response, Spida.
Jase Robinson
Jase Robinson Pirms dienas
If y’all are that blind to actually see what Shaq was doing besides trying to motivate him argue with me I don’t care what anyone think coming from someone who actually plays the sport and knows the game if someone says something like that to me I take it to the heart and go prove them wrong that simple everyone’s mindset is so soft on the internet it’s sad I see older men and women a lot older than me that aren’t mentally tough and it’s sad but maybe it was upbringing
TMK 64
TMK 64 Pirms dienas
This is actually 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Nguyen
David Nguyen Pirms dienas
Shaq's favorite math question is "How many rings you got?"
Sick as foo 213g LAKERS
Sick as foo 213g LAKERS Pirms dienas
Chuck is 💯 Right ..
Tejas Kotecha
Tejas Kotecha Pirms dienas
Does anybody know what the background music is on this powerful piece?
Vibesfromda25 Pirms dienas
The beef is real asf between these two. they get so personal off basic questions 😂
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark Pirms dienas
Shaq need to be saying this same thing to his KINGS Because there Trash
Jonas Julius Abendan
Jonas Julius Abendan Pirms dienas
What on earth could bring us a 2 on 2 basketball match between Shaq and Charles VS Lebron and KD???
Bryan Echeverría
Bryan Echeverría Pirms dienas
I hate that Kenny thinks he is the big shot 🤦🏻‍♂️
redskullz124 Pirms dienas
Is the clip of Shaq "inspiring" Donovan Mitchell going to be on next week's show?
OneMan Production by KVL
OneMan Production by KVL Pirms dienas
Shaq still hating on Dwight. Get over the Superman in the building Shaq. You were a great center but had Kobe. Dwight had Lebron. Dwight stepped it up when it counted the most. He earned his ring playing his best vs Denver the Joker and that was the turning point for the lakers run to the finals. Shaq you don't play anymore leave Dwight alone, I'm sure he shoots better than you at the stripe
pilot88pro Pirms dienas
Jazz fans are so weak. Cant handle criticism or tough love. Win it all or it's a total bust. Look at the sad comments.
Christian Ambrose
Christian Ambrose Pirms dienas
Chuck was also in nba Jam arcade
Rivera Junn Arvin Jay
Rivera Junn Arvin Jay Pirms dienas
Barkley did it on purpose to make shaq mad haha, lol 😂
Tj Pirms dienas
Can't wait for caves vs lakers
J.J Jameson
J.J Jameson Pirms dienas
Let's see how can I put it, Shaq is a... Dumb person
Mikhail Villacorta
Mikhail Villacorta Pirms dienas
I see you Chuck with that “There’s no shame in my game” eyebrows on 👀
Scott McDowell
Scott McDowell Pirms dienas
Blake Griffin is a cop caller. Lol
ukiyo -
ukiyo - Pirms dienas
"He played fr" 😂💀
JBL Services
JBL Services Pirms dienas
Shaq became wack
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pirms dienas
This is the first time I've seen Kenny's hairline 😳
Xccfdf Sdfss
Xccfdf Sdfss Pirms dienas
How does Charles go from playing with Jordon on the dream team to this guy on tnt
TerrorTown7575 Pirms dienas
It’s White people who are starting a fuss . You can clearly see Shaq is trying to motivate the man .
pilot88pro Pirms dienas
Jazz fans easily have their little feelings hurt. Cant see the obvious.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Pirms dienas
Shaq: "I used to be fined all the time for being late." Chuck: "I hate guys on the team that are late." Shaq: "How many rings you got?"
Wildon Corlew
Wildon Corlew Pirms dienas
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Desel Ironworker
Desel Ironworker Pirms dienas
1:02😂😂😂😂😂😂 f..u...shaq
Mid - Life Gaming
Mid - Life Gaming Pirms dienas
Kenny's matrix leg splits got me dead af 💀💀💀💀🥀💀🥀💀🥀💀
A J Pirms dienas
Hilariousness aside... it wasn't really a question from Chuck. More of a statement for KD to agree or disagree with, correct?
Marion Urmeneta
Marion Urmeneta Pirms dienas
Love this guy even more. No need to buy into this unsolicited mentorship these old heads think they’re giving.
John Wiese
John Wiese Pirms dienas
I dont know how chuck can have oscar robertson, jerry west, or elgin baylor in the top 10
westcoasthype619 Pirms dienas
2021 Jenny has too much sense to be a coach
DM M Pirms dienas
Keep doing this
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Pirms dienas
The "greatest ever" list imo. MJ Lebron Kareem Bill Russell Magic Johnson Wilt Chamberlain Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'neal Tim Duncan Larry Bird _________________ Next 5 ___________________ Oscar Robertson Hakeem Olajuwan Jerry West Kevin Durant Dr J
Mike B
Mike B Pirms dienas
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Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Pirms dienas
Chuck's top 10 list is horrible! Oscar Robertson at 2? Jerry and Elgin top 10? No Magic, Shaq or Bird in top 10? Shocking list.
Jerry Esque
Jerry Esque Pirms dienas
Not really surprised with shaq but, that was just plain awkward and a weird interview question. Thats what he wanted to ask him after tha jazz win?? Tooo weird.
rocketman767 Pirms dienas
Charles, You are one of my favorite players of all time. But you sure say dumb things all the time. You have Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West ahead of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaq, Tim Duncan, and Olajuwon??Are you crazy??? Magic Johnson is definitely Top 5. Larry Bird is 6-8. Except for Wilt, none of the guys mentioned can play in today's league, including Bill Russell.
scotti pippen
scotti pippen Pirms dienas
343 Trumpster disliked that video. Sad..
Alberto Henriques
Alberto Henriques Pirms dienas
Shaq's just motivating the guy. No big deal
Adrian Tarrant
Adrian Tarrant Pirms dienas
There is actually a thing about it being easier for really tall guys to shoot free throws from further away from the line. It’s something to do with the arc of the ball
Dat Gamer Wolf
Dat Gamer Wolf Pirms dienas
Nikola Vucevic or Andre Drummond for center
MittyGotWork Pirms dienas
He’s doing it on purpose to motivate him idiots in the comments
Willie Denson Jr
Willie Denson Jr Pirms dienas
I have never seen an african american woman die her hair grey on purpose. I always knew Something was off with Cari Champion 😂🤣😂
anbu999 Pirms dienas
TNT should replace all these old minded anchors. Game has evolved and yet they keep singing the same song, how much better they were... boring
Rene Treur
Rene Treur Pirms dienas
God I love this show! Wish we could see it in the Netherlands!!!
lyricsfromsweden Pirms dienas
I'm glad that Mitchell just brushed it off.
Hypotheticals Are Pointless
Hypotheticals Are Pointless Pirms dienas
Walmart has 80 inch?
Saxxymustang10 Pirms dienas
Grandmaster of the Suits...R.I.P Sager
Jacabo Blanco
Jacabo Blanco Pirms dienas
How on earth dies Lilly Singh still get work ? Or ever? She's the least funny person on earth. She skates by solely on her double minority status lol. I'm a strong female POC. Yeehaw
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 Pirms dienas
Giannis does need to work on his passing. Many times I see him missing open teammates, but also footwork, post.
Wan Hom
Wan Hom Pirms dienas
shaq just want to push him to higher level. That is it.
Christian Co
Christian Co Pirms dienas
Shaq is pure of hate. Just provide constructive criticism and advice. He has lots of hate to new generation players. He was the very best in the game but need to improve attitude wise. Need to motivate new players and be an exemplar to them.
Luaine Dyers
Luaine Dyers Pirms dienas
Playoff Jamaal Murray was the best iv ever seen
le Golas
le Golas Pirms dienas
AMANTADINE (VIREGYT K) is working!!!! heals Covid perfectly (in 24-48h) - and the pandemic is over.
le Golas
le Golas Pirms dienas
AMANTADINE (VIREGYT K) is working!!!! heals Covid perfectly (in 24-48h) - and the pandemic is over.
AnxiousJoe Pirms dienas
2:55 Ernie would’ve done better than Playoff P at his job 💀
Julius Moore
Julius Moore Pirms dienas
He hit him in the face. I didn't see no flop🤷🏿