Top PLAYS Of The Week | Week 4
ZodusX3 Pirms Stundas
The nets are a big man away from being unstoppable
Mark Marino
Mark Marino Pirms Stundas
Best player : Damian lillard
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar Pirms Stundas
2002 Champions - Sacramento Kings 2006 Champions - Dallas Mavericks 2010 Champions - Boston Celtics All 3 were rigged championships.
Atanacio Montes 3
Atanacio Montes 3 Pirms Stundas
Prime example why Giannis is better than Davis
SUSPECT TV Pirms Stundas
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pirms Stundas
Lebron lost to KD’s former team KD loses to Lebron’s former team
Yoo mina
Yoo mina Pirms Stundas
King LBJ
Brown Iverson
Brown Iverson Pirms Stundas
Dude was really important for rockets defense lol
Eric Pirms Stundas
Only Steph would have an epic ~15 min compilation of just three-pointers. Appreciate this man's greatness.
Singularity_SgrA Pirms Stundas
Didn't the Magic start the season 4-0? Since then they are 3-10 LOL
TheCaptainsport Pirms Stundas
I love Kawhi's reaction at 2:28. I mean how could he possibly think, he only touched the ball? :D
TJ Fischer
TJ Fischer Pirms Stundas
Quickley is awesome
Mandy Brumfield
Mandy Brumfield Pirms Stundas
why did you have to tell us
N F Pirms Stundas
Gg LMA but for Pete sake run back!
Charlie Peña
Charlie Peña Pirms Stundas
How do the Pistons have the worst team in the league this year :(
Charles R
Charles R Pirms Stundas
01:27 Damn that three...
Jared Jones
Jared Jones Pirms Stundas
Showtime Lakers
Premoz Habit
Premoz Habit Pirms Stundas
I think if jimmy and tyler is playing, the result is winning.
CS14 Pirms Stundas
That dunk from DiVincenzo was 🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Trujeque
Daniel Trujeque Pirms Stundas
are we not gonna acknowledge the quietest commentators ever 💀
Only Gknows
Only Gknows Pirms Stundas
As long as Lowry is not playing we got a good chance to beat some teams. No ball movement, Iso ball from Fred and Kyle is destroying the team. No chemistry. Siakam will not go to the rim anymore and makes horrible decisions and also like Fred n Kyle Siakam does not pass the ball either unless he is trouble . This has become a catch and shoot team, when the shot is falling they have a chance but the truth is they are all less than average shooters. Free Paul Watson Jr.
Ben LeClaire
Ben LeClaire Pirms Stundas
Vucevic looks like minecraft steve in the thumbnail
itzSpankins Pirms Stundas
Kev loves defense on Curry at the end sealed it
Skrirrex Pirms Stundas
Is this suppose to be a record? Klay Thompson scored like 37 in a quarter, that's 12 minutes, and Kevin love scored 34 in a quarter.
J Z Pirms Stundas
... klay scored 37 in 12 minutes...
Andre Paquito Pacheco
Andre Paquito Pacheco Pirms Stundas
So this just randomly poppee out of my recommendation 2 years later. Thank you LVpost.
JellyKelly Pirms Stundas
OG is a mini kawhi
dread. Pirms Stundas
If a coach can not get lonzo to stay aggressive then one of the two has to go I’m tired of seeing him drive and literally 180 to pass rather than go to the rim. One thing that helped me with my confidence is going to the line AT ALL. Who cares if you’re shooting 50% you’re getting buckets and working on building a strong mentality
Destruction Dude
Destruction Dude Pirms Stundas
I think Jokic traveled that''s why he missed the shot
J P/
J P/ Pirms Stundas
Spurs have the most annoying announcer in the history of the NBA. Best to turn off the sound while watching.
Lila Damanitya
Lila Damanitya Pirms Stundas
what happened to this version of him man 😥😥
Deron Mohammed
Deron Mohammed Pirms Stundas
Dey always try to elevate d stuff lebron do it really so irritating
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Pirms Stundas
Good game
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Pirms Stundas
Ousman Diallo
Ousman Diallo Pirms Stundas
My man Adebayo is training. Jumper looking smoother and smoother. Giannis Antetkoumnpo should be taking notes!!!
Possibly racist podcast
Possibly racist podcast Pirms Stundas
It’s better without volume
Inexpugnabilis Pirms Stundas
How can you hate this man. He doesn't talk trash plus he is an outstanding player and last but not least he is a FUN GUY
Jesse Sol
Jesse Sol Pirms Stundas
I just wanna say, Fred VanVleet had a game winning steal
Casieh Mueks
Casieh Mueks Pirms Stundas
sama lagu ini, alfatihah
craig gamez
craig gamez Pirms Stundas
Steph curry will take over ray allen in a few season mark it
Chratos Careca
Chratos Careca Pirms Stundas
Feiao esse Jimmy Butler e outros caras não cumprimentando o bruxo
nniivekk appo
nniivekk appo Pirms Stundas
game winner. defense. and that last free throw shot missed perfectly to seal the win. damn.
Maurice Jackson
Maurice Jackson Pirms Stundas
Not say they scary or contenders but they could be a threat with. This core of players
Miguel SaN Pedro
Miguel SaN Pedro Pirms Stundas
His wingspan the same as kawhi leonard thats why he unstoppable in his prime
CapalotGlizz Pirms Stundas
Peppa Oooga booga
Peppa Oooga booga Pirms Stundas
The next goat
Peppa Oooga booga
Peppa Oooga booga Pirms Stundas
Those jump shots are deadly
Only Facts
Only Facts Pirms Stundas
AMERICAN RECORDS.. 1st player to score with his left hand jumping with his left foot in the 1st minute of an away game that was played before 8 am...
mike ohagan
mike ohagan Pirms Stundas
at least the referee wasnt the sixth man against the raptors this game.
Raging Potato
Raging Potato Pirms Stundas
Alexander Polyakov
Alexander Polyakov Pirms Stundas
Traveling in his first points
K Steve
K Steve Pirms Stundas
5:48 Curry really patted on LeBron’s butt lmao
C41Ł Pirms Stundas
Jaylen: I got the most points in under 20 minutes total playing time. Klay & Kevin: score more than 30 in a quarter and then we will be impressed.
Jlxbrown Pirms Stundas
their lineup should be pg quickly sg R.J sf Obi pf Julius c Mitchell they would be a top 5 seed
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pirms Stundas
Background appointment?
Pancake Lover
Pancake Lover Pirms Stundas
I hope he never retires
The hustle
The hustle Pirms Stundas
I can Imagine, Lebron sits pissed of in the corner.....there is only one Goat and thats MJ
Lencedarylle Jurd
Lencedarylle Jurd Pirms Stundas
Thanks captain America
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pirms Stundas
Ridiculous 8
Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag
Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag Pirms Stundas
JaVale just did what nobody has done ever before. People in the top play comment section talk more about him than about the goatmentator. JaVale McGoat only
Patrick Murdock
Patrick Murdock Pirms Stundas
Boogie you should have like 22 rebounds and four blocks on some defensive shit🤔🎯
Patrick Murdock
Patrick Murdock Pirms Stundas
You're the biggest guy out there boogie you should be want to play in defense more than want to shoot or catch the ball on the outbound to inbound I seen you down there lacking on defense you played it like it was like f*** it that ain't cool man all the way y'all got to win if you buy into your position yeah you can shoot threes but you want a championship you going to have to play your role
J Simmons
J Simmons Pirms Stundas
THat McGee was crazy...but The Freak at #3 should have been #1. Switched hands and dunked on dude...
King Rodey
King Rodey Pirms Stundas
wall and cousin back on the same team like college
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Pirms Stundas
Those colors are terrible. Hot 👎
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Pirms Stundas
who tf is Chris Miles🤣
J Simmons
J Simmons Pirms Stundas
Why half of these highlights form the TIberwolves game. WTF?
Hure Koya
Hure Koya Pirms Stundas
dangdutan sambil isoman
Angel R.
Angel R. Pirms Stundas
Javale Mcgee Finally got the Coast to Coast hes been dreaming of 😂
MYX TV Pirms Stundas
Ezra Freeman
Ezra Freeman Pirms Stundas
This announcer is okay, but he's no Beau Estes. I'm always a bit disappointed whenever someone else does the top 10.
David Sam
David Sam Pirms Stundas
Wow! Even raps could not resign Lowry next season, the future is bright
Lukez Manning
Lukez Manning Pirms Stundas
where da Rockets fans at??? V
Branden Woodall
Branden Woodall Pirms Stundas
Obama looks like a little kid meeting his hero