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Alex Chun
Alex Chun Pirms 20 Stundām
Gismert's analyses are both trenchant and brilliantly reasoned. Kudos to her for comporting herself with dignity despite Michael Che's obvious infatuation with her.
Markshi Beblue
Markshi Beblue Pirms 20 Stundām
Bill is the one look like the pervert lol
Gabriel Girlz
Gabriel Girlz Pirms 20 Stundām
Today 12/03/2020 watching this and thinking about how GA flipped the script! SNL time to update this sketch! Maybe something where the NC family is dressed in all black mourning the loss of the election! #KillTheElectorialCollege
CannonKnight Pirms 20 Stundām
Oh, Travis, be a dear and pour me some of my vintage wine from 2012.
Shane Skye
Shane Skye Pirms 20 Stundām
Well, *this aged well.*
P Ford
P Ford Pirms 20 Stundām
I’m fed up with ALL the networks both day and night time shows. If people really want to see what is happening (and some obviously don’t and take the “news” at face value) every American would be appalled at what has happened during this election.
Wallis Schriver
Wallis Schriver Pirms 20 Stundām
I can't stop watching this.
C P Pirms 20 Stundām
of course snl tries to make assange a bad guy
Biet Dau
Biet Dau Pirms 20 Stundām
josh stark
josh stark Pirms 20 Stundām
ru knows all about fracking
Tim Jones
Tim Jones Pirms 20 Stundām
This is the best Ted Koppel impression ever
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Pirms 20 Stundām
Marlynlandia Pirms 20 Stundām
Returning in 2020 just to unlike and relike lol
KAT STERLING Pirms 20 Stundām
Spiritbound2346 Pirms 20 Stundām
God this hurts to watch now
Beer Expert
Beer Expert Pirms 20 Stundām
Oh wow just like Joe Biden in real life haha.
Rudy casso
Rudy casso Pirms 20 Stundām
Hold on now playa 😂🤣🤣
Hellwyck Pirms 20 Stundām
"YES!!! Your penis never needs to leave your pants!" <--- so you're gonna piss yourself at work?!
Jim Schleck
Jim Schleck Pirms 20 Stundām
The superb dry temporarily hook because way echographically cause excluding a general gentle humor. eager, overjoyed paper
Jonathan Dee The One And Only
Jonathan Dee The One And Only Pirms 20 Stundām
It speaks volumes when Dave Chappelle is the only man who can make SNL funny...
Jëss ?????
Jëss ????? Pirms 20 Stundām
Aw, those facebook boomer memes that were popular 10-12+ years ago are so cute! What will the next hip & groovy sketch feature, rage comics? Don't forget "le epic troll face xD" & the minions™, guys! This sketch would have been much better if it featured/was about people in their middle age or older. It would have made more sense and added a whole other level of humour to it. John & Pete could carry only so much, you know...
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Pirms 20 Stundām
Beyond Burger anyone?
Ryan 2985
Ryan 2985 Pirms 20 Stundām
0:52 😂 my favorite 2:56 spot on Casey Aflac
Karim Hamouchi
Karim Hamouchi Pirms 20 Stundām
I didn't understand what she told him in 3:45 something like ( did you just ass your peace or piece? ). Could anyone help me to understand, please?
KAT STERLING Pirms 20 Stundām
Lauren Russo
Lauren Russo Pirms 20 Stundām
they really missed the chance to say "wait until your father hears about this"
Ari Bajtner
Ari Bajtner Pirms 20 Stundām
I cant stand Olberman or Affleck but i have watched this skit too many times to count over the year. amazing. simply amazing. i still LOL every time I watch. say what you will about Ben's politics but the man can act.
Kyle S
Kyle S Pirms 20 Stundām
This is really how Joe Biden treats black people. Instructive
Day No
Day No Pirms 20 Stundām
0:22 my love video :X.
intelligent Human
intelligent Human Pirms 20 Stundām
I love how this took the piss out of both and wasn't left biased 😭 made it alot funnier since both candidates are assholes
Phillip Mahlman
Phillip Mahlman Pirms 20 Stundām
🖕Trump! Bye bye 👋 now! Hey hey goodbye!
poornima mv
poornima mv Pirms 20 Stundām
“Umm I like this”.I have not watched a bachelor episode.Do the contestants really say that😀
Robert Cosimini
Robert Cosimini Pirms 20 Stundām
Rhodesians never die
Mistet Pirms 20 Stundām
Every young women going into office live should watch this and be aware this happens often
Perry Hecita
Perry Hecita Pirms 20 Stundām
I can't believe I missed this! Hilarious!
Richard Van Riper
Richard Van Riper Pirms 20 Stundām
Violence is implied with the Joe Pesci Show.
Joseph Hodges
Joseph Hodges Pirms 20 Stundām
My name is Mr. Hodges and I do not like the girls.
B N Pirms 20 Stundām
Shia Kilt It!
huss1205 Pirms 20 Stundām
Clinton talking about diplomacy being the cornerstone of US foreign policy, says the bitch who played big role in the chaos in Libya, Syria, Yemen and some other countries, and helped create ISIS...
Arun S P
Arun S P Pirms 20 Stundām
0:40 Except what? I listened for like 10 times and still can't hear it
Nolan Gerety
Nolan Gerety Pirms 20 Stundām
please make this a movie
John Henry McMahon
John Henry McMahon Pirms 20 Stundām
This is when Rudy was still loved (by many, at least). Look at him now.
Tu Nha
Tu Nha Pirms 20 Stundām
0:22 my love video :X.
TecunUman Tonatiu
TecunUman Tonatiu Pirms 20 Stundām
JLo Bad spanish accent. Muchacha no chacha!!!😅
Henry Uslan
Henry Uslan Pirms 20 Stundām
I thought apollo was the god of music
John Cheetham
John Cheetham Pirms 20 Stundām
Bagels Pirms 20 Stundām
Does chad count as a himbo or is chad his own breed?
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Pirms 20 Stundām
Now that legal actions are occurring I could never tell y’all just how excited I am to come back on here. Once the actions have played out and Biden is in handcuffs I’ll be back here. Trust me bitches. Y’all will be made fun of.
marktastic86 Pirms 20 Stundām
Dreams are fun, I guess.
Nguyennam Minhvuong
Nguyennam Minhvuong Pirms 20 Stundām
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
Serious One
Serious One Pirms 20 Stundām
"Guess who's in the holiday spirit?!"
Nguyennam Minhvuong
Nguyennam Minhvuong Pirms 20 Stundām
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Paul Kostiak
Paul Kostiak Pirms 20 Stundām
Kevin didn't offer a royalty deal.
hardcandy Pirms 20 Stundām
Now the Cut is one of the signs that someone is a Karen.
Jonathan Dee The One And Only
Jonathan Dee The One And Only Pirms 20 Stundām
This aged like the finest wine ever.
Liv Jones
Liv Jones Pirms 20 Stundām
Shout out from Cheshire, England 😂
David Hansen
David Hansen Pirms 20 Stundām
I just now noticed the penis-shaped pixellation on Bill's cast.
Huyenminhhien Vinhbacsinh
Huyenminhhien Vinhbacsinh Pirms 20 Stundām
The sincere february lately sneeze because ethiopia conceptually pat versus a godly egypt. clumsy, blue-eyed rod
David May
David May Pirms 20 Stundām
Sadly, these 2 black people may never get those jobs back.........Enjoy.
Malak Hassibou
Malak Hassibou Pirms 20 Stundām
am i right ***** - claire
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias Pirms 20 Stundām
She really gets into her SNL roles. She doesn’t seem a guest. She acts as she’s a regular cast member. Only a few actors do that: Steve Martin, John Goodman, Alec Baldwin etc.
devi prasanna
devi prasanna Pirms 20 Stundām
This is brilliant
not Ella
not Ella Pirms 20 Stundām
For dads it would be store names. Dad I have no idea what you mean by "bed bath and body works"
Tomatoes Suck
Tomatoes Suck Pirms 20 Stundām
this looks like the same office from the first sketch. which means they re-hired charlie
James Cain
James Cain Pirms 20 Stundām
go pats
Mo Khayat
Mo Khayat Pirms 20 Stundām
Who came up with this skit? It's pretty creative!
Black Panther
Black Panther Pirms 20 Stundām
«yeah...What he said.. yeah»
dkhgr Pirms 20 Stundām
I love the flashbacks to things that happened 30 seconds ago! lmfao
Sheree H
Sheree H Pirms 20 Stundām
This made my morning...lol .Surrogate mother to get daddy out of prison..a classic
Summer Bound
Summer Bound Pirms 20 Stundām
This is literally how us Brits drink tea...all day, every day and any excuse!!
Shy Trilogy
Shy Trilogy Pirms 20 Stundām
I think it's nice that the Woman in Colorado gives presents to the Homeless Children, but if she didn't support Cent Ah, they wouldn't be Homeless and they wouldn't have nothing, they would have the Presence of Love. And Love is Super Natural. lvpost.info/soft/video/mqLMZYnWrqyrk8w
Carl wall
Carl wall Pirms 20 Stundām
1:30 1:59 2:59
Gwin Willis
Gwin Willis Pirms 20 Stundām
One minute after Biden's innauguration and installation ceremony is over, Donald Trump will become a trespasser. The Secret Service is authorized to remove trespassers from the White House quickly by any means necessary.
Mr. One Two
Mr. One Two Pirms 20 Stundām
This is hilarious because it’s true. SNF has the worst theme song, I can’t stand it.
Dr. Common Sense
Dr. Common Sense Pirms 20 Stundām
Boomer Humor LMFAO
Cleverson Sutil
Cleverson Sutil Pirms 20 Stundām
"Are you happy?" "No! My daughter is a bitch!!" KKKKKKKKKK
Theresa T
Theresa T Pirms 20 Stundām
I watched this over and over,I seen your husband he's in a very bad place, Hey F U 😂😅😆
Darth Stryk
Darth Stryk Pirms 20 Stundām
I think I saw this woman testifying in Michigan.
Russell Roesner
Russell Roesner Pirms 20 Stundām
Who in the hell is Bill Hader? I've never heard of him.
Connor Holmes
Connor Holmes Pirms 20 Stundām
I wish this was a movie.
Jim eb2jim
Jim eb2jim Pirms 20 Stundām
Richard Dawson via Foghorn Leghorn