CallMeCarson Serious Allegations! #DramaAlert ( Lunch Club INTERVIEW )

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DramaAlert Pirms 21 dienas
Guys I’m sorry if this interview comes a crossed really slow & low energy. But I’m very sick. Stories like these are so important so no matter how sick I am I just know I got to get it out. Hope you understand.
Special sʜᴀᴀᴀʀᴋ
Special sʜᴀᴀᴀʀᴋ Pirms 17 dienām
YellowLaces Pirms 17 dienām
So sorry to hear that. Stay safe
Jake Feeney
Jake Feeney Pirms 20 dienām
Put time stamps in your vids
Thelord Andsavor
Thelord Andsavor Pirms 20 dienām
@Elvis Stangroom same here pal
TheGuardian Pirms 20 dienām
Same shit quality as usual no worries!
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta Pirms 29 Minūtes
I thought it was something light or a joke but now I’m sadly here on a keemstar video....fuck me
The Paper Empire
The Paper Empire Pirms Stundas
The only one i clicked willingly
alysseileen Pirms Stundas
Can we not praise people for doing what they should? Like they should come out about this, why praise them? That’s what a decent human does.
semy.mp4ジ Pirms 4 Stundām
Cmon Carson you made me watch drama alert
Chelsey Bernardelli
Chelsey Bernardelli Pirms 5 Stundām
Here for my daily, “you’re a garbage human” comment”. Later gator✌️
ozzy Pirms 6 Stundām
Ah yes, Keemstar constantly implying Carson is a pedophile while Noah has stated twice that "I don't think he's a pedophile, but it is about the power dynamic." This is why you don't put shit on DramaAlert that you have a personal bias to Keem, you said several times in this interview "I have seen this." How about report the story as it is, and not put your own personal take on "Minecraft LVpostrs."
Vexin Pirms 9 Stundām
She could have blocked him at any time but keep feeding him so...
My life portrayed by Spongebob
My life portrayed by Spongebob Pirms 10 Stundām
fuck Carson
Adam Alexandr Hřiňák
Adam Alexandr Hřiňák Pirms 10 Stundām
Fuck you
OBot321 sucks
OBot321 sucks Pirms 11 Stundām
Is Keemstar really that bad of a person? *Because you guys be roasting him even when he says that he's sick-*
Angel On PlayDough
Angel On PlayDough Pirms 11 Stundām
i am sorry father forgive me of my sins
makayla Pirms 12 Stundām
P - word has me fucking screaming
????????????????? Pirms 12 Stundām
cant believe i watched a fucking keemstar video
Lyntg 2758
Lyntg 2758 Pirms 12 Stundām
And then the girl is actually a 40 year old man
Aidan Popovec
Aidan Popovec Pirms 17 Stundām
Y’all do you own research, it’s way bigger then just age
Holly England
Holly England Pirms 18 Stundām
I know what he's done is terrible but I'm worried about him, I mean this could really hurt him mentally, I have really good memories of him and I am upset at what he's done but I'm still sort of worried if he is okay because you never know with this all going on.
Paryton Pirms 19 Stundām
ok but I really had to click on it.
Cryptic Gear
Cryptic Gear Pirms 23 Stundām
Oh its keem nvm I'll find another vid
Stefan Jimenez
Stefan Jimenez Pirms dienas
Wtf happens when I forgot about Carson
Dr. Penis Blender
Dr. Penis Blender Pirms dienas
It’s sad, I can’t even look up a CallMeCarson video with out this stuff popping up
-TheNomadicWalrus -
-TheNomadicWalrus - Pirms dienas
I joined the CallmeCarson scene like 2 me months before this stuff happened. Sad.
HelloHi Pirms dienas
Every time i hear "Keemstar" The only thing i remember is when he mined diamonds with a stone pickaxe
Toon Myran
Toon Myran Pirms dienas
Who ever knows Carson for a long time was his channel always so dramatic
Frans fanboy
Frans fanboy Pirms dienas
Bella Diaz
Bella Diaz Pirms dienas
Haven’t watched DramaAlert since the Alissa Violet and Jake Paul drama lmao
Marcarse The Barbarian
Marcarse The Barbarian Pirms dienas
I think you could have found a better picture of carson, it looks like a mug shot, even in court people dont get dragged out in a prison jumpsuit, it implies definite guilt, when as of this video nothing is concrete. While i obviously do not support abusers of any kind, i also feel that we can sometimes decide guilt in the media (including youtube at this point) and these are very serious claims to be thrown around without any physical non-hearsay evidence.
FBI Pirms dienas
yes Pirms dienas
I am 2 weeks late but I have theories disclaimer: what I say is not in any way excusing what Carson did. He has done a disgusting thing and it should have absolutely never happened for whatever reason especially since he was aware that the fans were underage. I think after all the Catarina and Fitz drama, he fell into a dark place where he didn't know what are where he was anymore. I think maybe after the fans hit him up or something or maybe he noticed them he took this as an opportunity sort of like a rebound and wasn't thinking straight or something. However this has carried on for a while and he has still 1. not spoken up about it or 2. if he was guilty, he should've stated it and try to change/get help (if mental health played a part in this situation). Honestly because I'm still unsure about this and because I looked up to him but I can't imagine how hard it is for the Lunch Club former members. I do hope they speak up about this scandal soon but they might just want to stay out of controversy so it doesn't affect their channels and stuff or because they still think of Carson as a good friend of theirs and from experience, it is terribly hard to go against someone you've laughed and talked with. also God, please forgive me for clicking on a DramaAlert video, it was the only way
SpookyRumi Pirms dienas
Bruh your country's laws are dumb af, a 17 y-o can't be with a 19 y-o? It's only a 2 year difference it makes no sense.. Canada's laws are way better
Divo Religion
Divo Religion Pirms dienas
Oh look who’s trying to copy Craig Thompson
Jonathan Horton
Jonathan Horton Pirms dienas
Not even his real friends backstabbing idiots
epicman2000 0
epicman2000 0 Pirms dienas
I'm going to say this right here and right now what is Carson kills himself if he does everybody's going to stop backlashing him and start feeling so sad o no he's dead or they're going to keep going and his family is going to suffer so that's it
Crab Dab
Crab Dab Pirms 2 dienām
This is late Carson is 21 and she is almost 20 now whats the point now.
Mesachi Pirms 2 dienām
"They have a responsibility to tell" No. No they don't.
kenma kozume
kenma kozume Pirms 2 dienām
first video i've seen of this channel, never again
bored simulator
bored simulator Pirms 2 dienām
Carson is now the Minecraft version of MisterObvious
ejjk ejjejej
ejjk ejjejej Pirms 2 dienām
God bless everyone..
William Hough
William Hough Pirms 2 dienām
gotta love how twitter is the reason all this shit got blown out of proportion yet Carson's only dropped 110k on Twitter but 280k on LVpost. Shows the people cancelling him are the one's who've never even heard of him and the people unsubscribing are the people who don't even follow him that closely. If you look at James Charles' repercussions to allegations that were far more serious if you look at them properly and he shed like a third of his subscribers over a few days, it shows that the CallMeCarson subs are more loyal to the channel and possess the common sense to realize there are always to sides to every story.
Booplesnoot Pirms 2 dienām
Bruh shut up and just watch. Thank u keem for this. Get well soon :D
LAURA’S GAMES Pirms 2 dienām
@stupot05492112 just do it for the vine you ain't gonna do it
lonely wolf
lonely wolf Pirms 2 dienām
Something tells me carson is trolling
ARA Pirms 2 dienām
Stop giving weak, thirsty, power-hungry men power. This is what happens when you do it.
Luxarion Pirms 2 dienām
im sad i clicked on drama alert
Toxii i
Toxii i Pirms 2 dienām
is anybody gonna ever eat the popcorn
Strawberry girl
Strawberry girl Pirms 2 dienām
idk what’s more disgusting me watcing a dramaalrt video or what CallMeCarson did🤢
I Love Rias Gremory
I Love Rias Gremory Pirms dienas
Definitely that you're watching a Drama Alert video since what Carson did is so insanely common that they've literally made laws to exempt people from punishments. Also, all the "proof" is some fake internet friend saying he did it.
MEARE Pirms 2 dienām
all the questions had the same answers
Axel Garcia Cepeda
Axel Garcia Cepeda Pirms 2 dienām
was poki one of the girls??
Chemosynthesis Pirms 2 dienām
I cannot believe that I have to rely on DramaAlert, also they need proof rather than just pictures and 2 says , that is just suspicious and seems like a plot to ruin someone, or this is true.
Tori Best
Tori Best Pirms 3 dienām
Am i the only person wgo dosent hate drama alerts 😂
Little Big autocorrect
Little Big autocorrect Pirms 3 dienām
I feel bad for his friends especially
Riley Greene
Riley Greene Pirms 3 dienām
Why is everyone mad about watching a drama alert vid?
Notevenfilthy Pirms 2 dienām
because no one likes to watch them
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh Pirms 3 dienām
I feel bad for Carson
Rap Youngster
Rap Youngster Pirms 3 dienām
i hope carson doesn't do a mini ladd
Rap Youngster
Rap Youngster Pirms 3 dienām
@____ i know felt lazy while typing
____ Pirms 3 dienām
@Rap Youngster it’s know not no
Rap Youngster
Rap Youngster Pirms 3 dienām
if u no u no
Rap Youngster
Rap Youngster Pirms 3 dienām
nobody: comments:why the f**k did i just click🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Hunter Bertram
Hunter Bertram Pirms 3 dienām
You can't be talking saying how the minecraft community is a bunch of social rejects and anti social when you literally hosted a minecraft tournament that failed and crumbled into pieces.
nothing like a good Mountain Dew LD
nothing like a good Mountain Dew LD Pirms 3 dienām
i think those allegations are bullshit
aryan bhattarai
aryan bhattarai Pirms 3 dienām
ohh nice another cap video
ConfusedCat Pirms 3 dienām
Siri play dorime while I'm watching keemstar
Jayden Pirms 3 dienām
Carson is innocent
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Pirms 3 dienām
I clicked on drama alert only to dislike, forgive me father for I have clicked
Toulippy Pirms 3 dienām
Will everyone just stop about the clicking on the video, this is actually very important. Lol I get the joke but rn is not the time
InsideYour Mind8
InsideYour Mind8 Pirms 3 dienām
I cant believe i clicked on it to just be disgusted at hearing the stuff i don’t want to hear.
Young Jeezy
Young Jeezy Pirms 3 dienām
This is the only drama alert video i will ever watch. Keem is a horrible person i feel horrible for even giving him a view.
Ty NJ Pirms 3 dienām
Same here
xlink97 Pirms 3 dienām
"I just got a covid test, hopefully everything's fine" Hopefully not.
Barra Ó Bruadair
Barra Ó Bruadair Pirms 3 dienām
Getting a guy labeled a pedo and a groomer for a two year age gap just so you can make a video and make few quid, evil bastard.
Jamdag Pirms 4 dienām
Why I was pure and then I watched a drama alert now I must repent
Jimmy Chu
Jimmy Chu Pirms 4 dienām
I'm not upset at the fact that he was doing this stuff with a 17 year old when he was 19. I'm upset at the fact that he used fans to obtain nudes.
Taylor Crichton
Taylor Crichton Pirms 4 dienām
I cant believe this dude thinks it okay to post on youtube still
Bird_Tan 11
Bird_Tan 11 Pirms 4 dienām
lol its actually weird not having an enthusiastic Keemstar
Daud Ahmed
Daud Ahmed Pirms 4 dienām
Dam u Carson I had to Watch a drama alert
_TheTechnician Pirms 4 dienām
So far all I see is a socially mislead individual sending some unpleasant words to some horny minors. Now they want him cancelled for making mistakes that he regrets. Can we not just accept that he has been saying some inappropriate things in the heat of the moment in the past, say what you have to say and move on? Or are you really going to encourage another wreckful situation here? Think about it.
Great white Wyvern
Great white Wyvern Pirms 4 dienām
I really had to click on one damn video
bruhisa bruhmoment
bruhisa bruhmoment Pirms 4 dienām
also they did infact not mention the fact that in some states I don’t know where he lives but if he was in that state then it was legal it would just be irresponsible
bruhisa bruhmoment
bruhisa bruhmoment Pirms 4 dienām
I like how they left out the fact about what left him in a shit mental health
bruhisa bruhmoment
bruhisa bruhmoment Pirms 4 dienām
keemstar the snitch and callmecancelled the golden drama duo
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield Pirms 4 dienām
Child molesters should be killed
Jan Lewandowski
Jan Lewandowski Pirms 4 dienām
POV: You're searching for opinions in the comments but you only find jokes on DramaAlert
Sam Milne
Sam Milne Pirms 8 Stundām
Why does everyone hate this man?
Rolf the Idiot
Rolf the Idiot Pirms 13 Stundām
Nah I just want dramaalert jokes
Gacha rhiarna
Gacha rhiarna Pirms dienas
@Jan Lewandowski XD
Jan Lewandowski
Jan Lewandowski Pirms dienas
@Gacha rhiarna Ha! Because I'm a prophet! Seriously tho, I know because that's exactly what I did! 😂
Gacha rhiarna
Gacha rhiarna Pirms dienas
._. H-how did you know?
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs Pirms 4 dienām
Carson really pulled a mini Ladd
Archie Barber
Archie Barber Pirms 4 dienām
Keem. Your not a very nice person, I hope you know that :)
stfu janiah
stfu janiah Pirms 4 dienām
im never actually interacting with carson ever again for making me watch a damn drama alert video 😐
Adam-james Farrell
Adam-james Farrell Pirms 4 dienām
OK Groomer
ThEChaS3 Pirms 3 dienām
Yologuy0123 Pirms 4 dienām
Oh boy a drama alert video. Aren't I excited to watch this!
somixya x
somixya x Pirms 4 dienām
How is this dude acting like a fucking angel when he did the same damn thing 🤩
Team SpLaT Official
Team SpLaT Official Pirms dienas
Dustin Dunkley
Dustin Dunkley Pirms dienas
@Gacha rhiarna the guy kept it hush hush
Gacha rhiarna
Gacha rhiarna Pirms dienas
When did this happen. I don't remember this happening. Tbh this is the first drama alert video I watched
Olivia P.
Olivia P. Pirms 2 dienām
Dustin Dunkley
Dustin Dunkley Pirms 3 dienām
That's what I was thinking lmao
Yr FUGLY TRASH Pirms 4 dienām
Tow years apart isn’t anything y’all just stupid
Mister Format
Mister Format Pirms 4 dienām
I Trxpy I
I Trxpy I Pirms 4 dienām
Mini Ladd now Carson
Daify Pirms 4 dienām
Ooooh 40 year old gossip spill the tea sister all is forgiven
Backseat Girl
Backseat Girl Pirms 5 dienām
The worst part about clicking on a DramaAlert video is when you can’t summon the balls to make it past the first 10 seconds.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pirms 4 dienām
How is this dude acting like a fucking angel when he did the same damn thing 🤩
BrosephPancakes Pirms 5 dienām
Guys help why is drama alert bad. What is it
Playlists s
Playlists s Pirms 5 dienām
Can anyone explain why Keemstar is kinda getting hated on in the comment section?
Killzone 188
Killzone 188 Pirms 4 dienām
It’s because he’s KeemStar
irishmafya Pirms 5 dienām
I don’t see much wrong here
nothing like a good Mountain Dew LD
nothing like a good Mountain Dew LD Pirms 2 dienām
irishmafya Pirms 4 dienām
@mikin lirou understand what lmao? I really don’t see much wrong
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pirms 4 dienām
out. Hope you understand.
S4Plays Pirms 5 dienām
I love how this has 23k dislikes
HotRussianWomen NearYou
HotRussianWomen NearYou Pirms 5 dienām
Oh man he likes kids ?? Oh my gawd
Rian Power
Rian Power Pirms 5 dienām
*this is the first drama alert video I’ve ever watched and oh my god i fucking hate this keemstar lad he seems like a right twat*
Kosovare shabani
Kosovare shabani Pirms 5 dienām
Will he ever get bored??????? Jesus
Alfie McDonald
Alfie McDonald Pirms 5 dienām
Fuck Noah and traves for going to keemstar to get the information out. They know what keemstar does to people but they still decided to go to him, They could have done it in such a better way. Fuck them.
Deep Blue
Deep Blue Pirms 5 dienām
When you have to watch a drama alert video, you know your in so deep shit
ameliah miller
ameliah miller Pirms 4 dienām
father forgive me for i have sinned🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️
The C.I.A
The C.I.A Pirms 5 dienām
I'm on Carson's side ngl
The C.I.A
The C.I.A Pirms 2 dienām
@FBI Agent how's it going my dude
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Pirms 2 dienām
Ay yo sup.
Enterdrag Pirms 5 dienām
I didn’t know what I was doing then I realised I clicked on drama alert
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